Hello and welcome to My Skincare Reality,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate you taking time to read my post and I hope you find some helpful information.

First off, my name is Soph and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m married and have 2 Labradors that moonlight in opening some packages.

The reason I decided to start a blog is because I have TONS of acne scars, or better known as ice pick acne scars. I have tried so many different products and procedures in the past and have come up with no or minimal results.

I decided to document via this blog on what I am currently up to.  I will give you my opinion and experience on the products I purchase. I hope that you find the information useful because I know how depressing it is to have skin issues.

I know every skin is different so what doesn’t work for me might work wonders for you. If that’s the case I’d love to hear your feedback. Heck, I’d love to hear from you for anything.

I am in no way an expert about skin care or ingredients from products I am reviewing. I’m just a normal girl who is giving it a go to help with my personal skin concerns.

I did a lot of research on people’s experiences and recommendations on YouTube and blogs. Most of the information I could find was for dry/combination skin. There was very little I was able to locate that addresses oily skin. Even less experiences or reviews for people who had acne scars, especially the ice pick/crater type, which is what my needs require.

I got a little frustrated of not able to locate current information, so I decided to do something about. And just like that myskincarereality.com was born. I’ll share the reality of what skincare makes my skin look like, feel like, and if products perform to the desired claims. Good or bad, I will let you know. I went for the blog method vs YouTube. I’m not comfortable in front of a camera, maybe one day that may change not anytime soon.

I know there is special peels and different treatments that a dermatologist can provide but that can get really expensive really fast. Besides who has time to stay indoors for a week while your skin sheds and a new layer appears. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I also looked into the needle roller you can do at home, but I’m so scared I’ll do it wrong and cause further damage, I need a pro for something like that.

I checked around for the dermaroller procedure from some local beauty places but each session costs $150 and for my skin they recommend 12 – 15 sessions. That’s a whole lot of doughnuts!

A few years ago I went to see a dermatologist and he wanted to put me on medicine a lot of people use to help with acne. He said he couldn’t do anything for me on the scar side of things and sent me on my way. While leaving my purse $350 lighter. Given that experience I’m not keen to try again at this point. I may change my mind in the future but for now I want to try other methods, mainly focusing on using a home.

I also have PCOS which causes havoc on my skin if I stop using birth control. I went off the pill for about 3 months and I had these huge breakouts all along my jaw line. They hurt like a mutha and looked like giant blisters. I went to see my doctor and she prescribed some antibiotics to help with the inflammation but it did nothing. So I reluctantly went back on the pill and soon after the breakouts went away and have stayed away.

Everything I am reviewing I paid for myself (or I should say hubby has), nothing has been given to me (excluding samples I may receive as part of a purchase). If by some miracle I do get sponsored or free loot I will let you know. I don’t want you thinking I’m favouring x brand over another wondering if it’s sponsored. I will always try to be totally transparent.

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