Hello and welcome back to another skin care review. This one is my soul mate eye cream/serum that I will have in my life forever. The magically eye cream I’m referring to is Alpha-H’s Absolute Eye Complex Serum. 


I apply it under and over my eye area and it gives me an instant lifting feeling.

It comes out clear and soaks into the skin almost instantly. It has a slight fresh scent, which I’d contribute towards the cucumber. Its not an overpowering scent and doesn’t linger. You can only really smell it if you put it up to your nose.


As I mentioned previously in a past post, I don’t think I have wrinkles around my eyes so I am not sure of the impact of using this product for that purpose. I have tried many eye products and have never loved an eye product as much as I do this one!


This product cost me around $43.00 AUD. It’s funny that even though Alpha-H was founded in Australia it costs double the price here vs overseas and that’s with the conversion rate. So I do, unfortunately, buy it from overseas.   

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this product if you are on the hunt for a new eye cream. The only downside is that it doesn’t have SPF, but that’s okay. I usually use this only in my pm night time routine. During the day I keep it as basic as I can and don’t really bother with a ton of products. 

Alpha-H does sell an eye cream that has SPF in it but I wasn’t able to use that product. I’ve reviewed it before as part of my first posts.

Repurchase? YES without any hesitation! I will always have this one in my stock pile. I do have some other eye products that I will use up and probably others I’ll test but this has brought my eye care expectations to a whole new level.