DIY Easter or Birthday Beauty Gift Basket Ideas

This year is flying by! Can you believe Easter is just around the corner?! It’s now getting a lot cooler at night here in Australia!

In this post I’d love to share with you some of my DIY Beauty Baskets that would be appropriate for Easter/Birthday or Just Because ideas. Personally, I love the Just Because category!

diy beauty gift basket

Simple White Weaving Basket

I purchased this basket on eBay some time back to store our remotes. It was very inexpensive and recently I’ve started to see some DIY baskets using newspaper that look the same as this one! I am not very crafty so I can’t tell you how easy or hard it would be to make.

You could probably pick up a few baskets at one of the discount shops or craft stores for a very reasonably price.

You can fill the inside with some cute coloured shredding paper, some stuffing or little bits of paper that are folded and contain compliments. It’d be a nice way to cheer up someone who may have a hard day and needs to relax. A little basket filled with skincare, chocolates and compliments.  Ho could life be any better!

I created this basket with chocolate in mind, in case you can’t tell!

This basket contains the following:

  • Lush – Cupcake fresh mask
  • Anatomicals – Chocolate Mud Mask
  • Kao – Relax Hot Eye Mask
  • Mediheal – Dress Code Red Sheet Mask (I recently posted a review on this mask)
  • ETUDE House – Manuka Honey sheet mask

diy beauty gift basket

Cute Pot Planter Holder – Masks Only

This can be considered a 2 in 1 gift, after the goodies you placed inside have been used the little pot can be reused in so many different ways.

I picked this planter at Spotlight for about $5.00 and I am so in love with it!

The pot wasn’t very wide (my miscalculation), so smaller sheet masks worked best to be able to fit more sheet masks in.

This basket contains the following:

  • My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask
  • My Beauty Diary – Strawberry Yoghurt Mask
  • My Beauty Diary – Apple Polyphenol Mask
  • My Beauty Diary – Roe Mask

diy beauty gift basket

Cute Pot Planter Holder – Chocolate themed

This basket contains a smaller amount of beauty products, as I added mostly chocolates instead of masks. This would be perfect if you have a few people you’d like to gift and may not have a super stash of sheet masks. Anyone who has a more manageable sheet mask collection than myself, are far more responsible people than I am! I applauded you and am a little envious.

Of course the chocolates are totally customisable to suit whatever occasion you are celebrating or loaded full of their favourites!

diy beauty gift basket

Cute Pot Planter Holder – Triple Treat Pamper!

For this baby I added a little from column A, column B and column C! The perfect combination for a few nights of relaxation.

Loaded with chocolates, sheet masks and a little pot holder to use in future! The person receiving this will definitely thank you for many times to come.

Sheet Mask contained in this basket:

  • Tony Moly – Tea Tree – Skin Soothing
  • Innisfree – Rice Mask
  • ETUDE House – Lotus Mask

Another option could be using a cute mug instead of the planter.

diy beauty gift basket

Bag of gifts!

There are a few options for this little treat. I repurposed one of the mesh bags I received from Mask Maven for this but you could also use a number of different other things.

By the way, does the mesh bag remind anyone else of the little wedding bombonieres that have the sugar coated almonds? I love those almonds! Great, now I’m craving them!

Some of the other alternatives instead of this bag, that I can think of off the top of my head are; small paper gift bags that can be decorated, reusable mesh vegetable bag or a cute little travel bag. The options are limitless!

Final Thoughts

I thought I would share this in case you’d like to create something special for some friends, colleagues ( I love my colleagues and I would love to do this for them – others may feel otherwise!), sisters, mother, aunts, nieces, grandmothers etc. Of course the same applies to any gentlemen you know who may love using skincare products nearly as much as I do!

All of these options are completely customisable according to what you’d like to give or what a person enjoys.

Another great way you can use these ideas would be for someone who has just had a baby. Just be mindful of the products you use as they may not be appropriate for breastfeeding.  When someone has a baby a lot of the time the gifts that loved ones bring may be in the form of a gift for the baby, but it’d be nice to treat the new mama to some special TLC products.

As a kid, my parents would give us a huge basket full of stuffed animals and chocolates. As an adult I still want that but more customised to my adult likes. Besides, now I know how too much chocolate can be very unwelcoming to my waist line.

If you do any of these options I’d love to see your designs!

Please comment below or find me on social media and share your masterpiece with me!