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I purchased the IRIS eye massager recently and have been using it every night since I got my hands on it. The way it works is you put your eye cream on and then use the IRIS to mimic the tapping motion you would normally do with your fingertips to help the eye cream absorb into your skin. It does this by using sonic motion technology (aka vibrating).

This comes with an added bonus of getting a massage at the same time!

It claims to help reduce the signs of crow’s feet, under eye bags and also dark circles. I can’t attest to those claims as I luckily don’t seem to suffer from those issues. At least that is what I think. Maybe I do have wrinkles and I’m that person who everyone else notices but I don’t, leaving me the last one to know….



This is the back section where you plug the device in with the USB cable charger that’s included. The charge on the Foreo products are meant to last like 6 months or something along those lines. Since I have the facial cleansing device I use the same charger for both.


This section here is the control panel. The little indent in the middle (hopefully you can see it) is the power button. It also changes between the 2 different modes. The first, Pure Mode, is like a having a manual fingertip eye massage. The second, Spa Mode, which combines tapping and pulsating.

According to the Foreo website, the Pure Mode is aimed towards skin that’s starting to show signs of aging as where the Spa Mode is geared more towards skin that already shows the signs of aging

Since I’m a rebel and do what I want, I just use whichever mode.

The + and – buttons are to change the intensity.

My Final Thoughts

I bought this because I get lots of sinus headaches and I thought this would help. It’s safe and gentle enough for the eye area so I can really use it to get in the sides of my nose after I finish doing both eye areas.

Since using this, it has helped tremendously with my headaches. After I finish using it I rinse it off and dry it and leave it on the counter. I don’t have to worry about purchasing any replacement parts or anything in the future, which is great.

It’s made of silicone and come in 2 other colours, magenta and pink.

You may have seen the Foreo facial cleaning devices online, on YouTube, magazines or at beauty retailers. I have one and will soon do a review for it.

If you want to use this for what it’s created to do, then this review will be of almost no help to you.

It is pretty expensive at $179 but for me it’s been worth it to relieve the pain. If you’d like to buy it and are patient you can purchase one during a sale of one of the beauty retailer shops, end of year sales or online beauty retailers. Sometimes some online companies will off like a 20% off discount code for your first order if you sign up for their newsletter, just make sure that devices aren’t excluded from that discount.

I did a little video below with this little beast in action.

I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions please let me know!