Hi there and welcome back to another skin care review. This post will be about the most expensive moisturiser from Lush!


This is the most expensive moisturiser Lush sells at a whopping $75 for 45g. It has  such a beautiful scent, but it does linger for those who may be sensitive to smell. I purchased the full product after I received a sample from a previous order.

I paid the insane amount for this moisturiser for my husband. He has been getting extremely dry, peeling, flaky skin on his face. We this it because of some medication he’s on, as he’s also been getting a lot of dryness on his arms and feet. When he tried the sample the dryness went away on his face. He’s tried a few other ones and they just flat out didn’t do a thing.


With this moisturiser a little goes a long way. The texture is really light and it absorbs so quickly into the skin and feels soothing once it gets into the dry areas. It leaves a matte finish if you use the right amount. If you use too much then it tends to leave a be a little oily. Who wants oily skin and overuse such an expensive item?!


If hubby doesn’t use it for a few days his skin starts to dry out pretty badly. As soon as he uses this, about a couple of days later, all the dryness is gone.

If you look at the Lush website, it’ll give you the whole marketing spiel of all the good stuff that’s in it and make you instantly add it to your cart! It’s meant to be made of fresh juices and organic oils. Basically everything you need in your life

Final Thoughts

I like to use some once in a while if I’ve forgotten to put some on and I’m already downstairs. I love it, I think it’s great. I see how effective it works for my husband, so 2 thumbs up from that point of view.

The price, while outrageous, may still be worth paying because of how good it is. However, now that I have been obsessed with Korean skin care I think I have found some stuff that will give him the desired outcome for a fraction of the price.

Repurchase? Not sure, the jury is still out.

Have you used this one? What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s worth the price tag?

Website: https://au.lush.com/

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Until next time, wishing you the best skin health