Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturiser SPF30 Review

When I first started to step up my skincare regime I researched a lot of brands to try. At that time I was only washing my face once a day in the morning whilst in the shower and occasionally I’d add in a manual scrub and wash off mask. The facial cleanser I would use was whatever I picked up at the grocery store. I know shocking right?!

After looking high and low and reading numerous reviews I came across Mario Badescu. I read lots of great reviews about multiple products by this brand. The brand is fairly affordable, so away I went and I purchased a few products.

Mario Badescu moisturizer review

What it is

The first product I purchased was the SPF30 moisturiser for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I needed something with SPF. During my research I had my eyes opened to why SPF is important and I needed it yesterday. Secondly, I had started to use glycolic acid products and there is no choice here but to use SPF.

This is a lightweight, oil free moisturiser that is made to give you hydration and daily spectrum protection. It also contains Green Tea Extract.

Why is Green Tea Extract good for you?

It’s an antioxidant that helps defend against the harmful free radicals known to prematurely age skin and darken any existing areas of discoloration (like acne marks, age spots, sun spots).


Mario Badescu moisturizer review


You can see in the picture above the list of ingredients in this moisturiser.

Mario Badescu moisturizer review

About the Company – Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu brought European type facials to New York and started the first salon from his apartment in New York 1967.

There is a salon in NYC where you could go and get a customised skincare regime. You can find out more about the company by clicking here.

You can find products to help with acne to anti-aging solutions to hair and body care products. Basically something for everyone.

They have a coding system to help you identify what skin type a product is ideal for you

C – Combo

D – Dry

O – Oily

S – Sensitive

All – All Types

You can see from the picture above that this product is ideal for C,O,S – Combo/Oily/Sensitive


Mario Badescu moisturizer review

The Application Process

The bottle is squeezable and the product is dispensed by a flip out lid applicator. It’s fairly easy to get the product out.

Mario Badescu products are known for having very basic, no fancy packaging. This contributes to providing affordable products. Don’t be fooled though, just because the packaging isn’t anything fancy, doesn’t mean the product inside is basic.

Mario Badescu moisturizer review

 What the product looks like

When the product comes out it’s a slight green colour , there may be a slight overcast but it’ll end up absorbsing into the skin.

Mario Badescu moisturizer review

How to use

After cleansing and toning, apply daily all over face eye area. You can re-apply throughout the day to help maintain protection. If you happen to go to the gym or for a swim you’ll need to re-apply. It can be used under makeup or alone, I don’t wear makeup so I can’t exactly say how it’d work. I use it on it’s own.

Final thoughts

I was very unsatisfied with this product. It would leave me so much more oily and shiny. My skin did not like this one bit, it wasn’t enjoyable. I hated using this moisturiser and ended up throwing it away shortly after trying for about 3 weeks.

In my experience with using SPF moisturisers they can leave me a bit shiny or oily depending on how much I use. I really tried and tested using smaller amounts of this moisturiser and still no luck.

I now use another moisturiser that’s SPF 50 and it works like a charm.


No, I wouldn’t buy this product again. I do however have a good chunk of other Mario Badescu products to try and I will eventually review in the future.

I’m a little bummed about not having a great experience with this product because it doesn’t motivate me to use the other products I have. This was the first product from the line I ever used. I just have to remember to keep an open mind about using the other products and give them a fair chance.

I purchased this from Beauty Bay for $34.

I’d love to hear if you have tried this product or brand and any recommendation you have. Please leave your comment below.