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Mediheal Dress Code Blue & Red Sheet Mask Review

Being the sheet mask addict that I am, I have a tried my fair share of different brands and types of sheet masks. This line of Dress Code Red & Dress Code Blue Mediheal masks are some of my favourite. Reaching out for one of these automatically brings a smile to my face. I love the beautiful design that are on the sheets and also the colours.

The design you see on the cover for both mask is what is actually imprinted on the sheet, giving you the colourful masquerade look. I love it – it adds that little extra oomph for me to look forward to using it.

Mediheal Dress Code Blue & Red Sheet Mask Review

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue

The instructions and everything on the back is in Korean, but you can see the ingredients are in English. You can also see the pictures of how to apply.

Benefits of the Blue (Moisturising)

A herbal based hydrating mask containing hyaluronic acid lavender extract & rosemary extract. Focusing on providing rich hydration and moisturise to dry & rough skin

Rich in vitamins to replenish skin with abundant nutrients.

Mediheal Dress Code Blue & Red Sheet Mask Review

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Red

Same as the blue mask the back is in Korean and the ingredients are listed in English.You can also see the pictures of how to apply.

Benefits of the Red (Anti-aging)

A hydrating mask containing hyaluronic acid, trehalose & betaine,

This mask contains ginseng root extract, an ingredient believed to help with skin elasticity, improve appearance of wrinkles and skin tone.

In case you don’t know what Betaine is, I got you! I didn’t know and had to look it up. (source: )

It’s basically an amino acid that gives your skin the ability to retain moisture. It can temporarily decrease wrinkles giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Trehalose, when applied topically, may allow the skin to retain moisture that it would otherwise lose, creating dry skin and potentially increasing aging signs

About Mediheal

Mediheal is a company that was founded by a prestigious beauty school in Korea. The brand has a dedicated team of skin experts and dermatologist that aim to give provide the professional treatments results for an at home user. You may come across some of their sheet masks that are slightly different than your usual sheet mask.

If you’d like to read more about the company click here to their link.

My Experience using BOTH of these masks

Instead of breaking up my experience per mask with this, my experience with both have been very similar. So I’ll just clump them together.

They both contain a small chemical like scent, but I think the scent is from the actually sheet not the serum. The serum is very thick and clear and there is loads left in the pouch to apply afterward. The serum itself I didn’t detect a scent so that’s why I think it’s the sheet itself. It may be possible the scent is there because of the amount of ink that’s on the cover of the sheet. I’ve never really used a lot of sheet masks with so much print on the sheets.


Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using both of these masks. It’s one of those masks you pick out to have a little extra fun with your skincare routine. After having a busy stressful day/week you can apply this little gem and it instantly makes me feel a little fancy!

I have just found out that there are also 2 other masks from this Mediheal line that are the Violet & Black. In my next haul I hope to find these to add them to my collection.


Yes! I initially bought a box of 10 sheet masks of both colours from Sasa (not an affiliate link) for $13.50USD per box. I ended up placing another order soon after and purchased a couple more boxes of each for backups.

I recommend these to anyone to give them a try, they’re fun and well #whynot ?!

Now that I have found out about the other 2 types of masks I’ll be on the hunt for them.