Meet Thunder


This is Thunder, he is in charge of quality control of goods received. As soon as the Security Team gives him the okay he sticks his head in the box and sees what’s in there. The usual procedure he helps me check everything has arrived by checking off the invoice. Sometimes the count is off because he may have started chewing on the corner of a box. After the Security Team sniffs the item to make sure it’s safe, Thunder also takes a whiff to see if it matches the description on the website. He too may run off outside with the bubble wrap.

He moonlights as the back up alarm clock if Shadow requires some extra barking. One of them jump on the side of the bed and start liking your face, because they look alike and being half asleep you don’t know which one did it.

He too loves to snuggle on the couch watching Netflix shows. You do have to be careful, if it’s after 10 and you get up to grab a drink kiss your seat goodbye, it’s now Thunder’s.

He LOVES playing fetch, he knows exactly where the fetch balls are kept and he also sticks his nose in there trying to steal one. When playing fetch he gets really fancy, flying through the air, backflip all that kind of show stuff. He is so intelligent, if one of the balls rolls under their outside bed he’ll work out how to get it, either by pushing the bed or lifting it. He always helps his brother out, because as I mentioned he’s lazy. Lately he’s worked out if he has one ball in his mouth and Shadow didn’t go get his, Thunder will kick the ball back to us so we can throw it again. He will play fetch all day long.


P.S. Thunder’s name came from hubby and I being big NBA OKC Thunder fans. I originally wanted to call him Durant or Westbrook but I didn’t think it sounded right when your screaming for them at the dog park. Now I am so happy I didn’t go with Durant, I would’ve had to change his name. He is our little Westbrook though, he’s fast and fearless.