This is Shadow, he is in charge of security and transportation of products. He always knows when the courier comes to the house by barking before the courier puts his car in Park. In the mornings when I’m trying to sleep in, he takes his job too seriously and runs up and down the stairs to make as much noise as possible. The usual procedure when a package arrives he ensures he sniffs each inch of the outside of the box and once opened he has to have a whiff of everything. Then he may run off with the bubble wrap.

He moonlights as the automatic alarm clock for the house. He gets cranky if his breakfast isn’t ready by his usual time, punishment for being late results in him chewing up a shoe.

He loves to snuggle on the couch watching Netflix shows. If you have the show on pause too long while getting a drink he’ll start grumbling and sighing really loud.

He works so hard to be lazy. When playing fetch he’s worked out the exact location where he can drop the ball while sitting on the deck so it rolls it’s way down to my husband.