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Today I’ll be reviewing Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser Gel, which happens to be my current cleanser.

If you’ve read my previous Alpha H Liquid Gold reviews you will see how much I love this brand (excluding the SPF eye cream). It’s an Australian born company, which I really try to stay brand loyal.

I really wanted to try one of Alpha-H’s cleansers but wanted to stray outside my comfort zone of the Liquid Gold line. They carry 6 cleansers for different skin concerns/benefits and I wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck. There is  500ml bottles of a couple of cleansers one being this one, Triple Action Cleanser and the second being Balancing Cleanser. The normal size for these products are 200ml but for $20 more you can purchase a 500ml, this is only available by select retailers. Some retailers that carry these products may also provide you with a discount code for a first time purchase, any money you can save is definitely worth shopping around for.



Alpha-H triple cleanser


I decided the Triple Action with Thyme version as I felt like it was better suited for my skin. I was using a different brand of foaming cleanser and found it was stripping my skin. I tried the foaming cleanser sample that my Clarisonic came with and I was really enjoying it but got a little bored with it after sometime. I sampled other gel cleansers and liked them so thought I’d give one a whirl.


Alpha-H triple cleanser

It’s what you’d expect of a non foaming gel cleanser as far as texture. It has a tad of a fresh scent, I’d say its the thyme. I really like applying this as it feels very soothing. The only thing is if I’m using my Clarisonic I have to use a little bit extra product. Instead of putting the cleanser on the brush directly I have to massage it on to my skin first then really wet the brush before proceeding. Otherwise it feels like I’m dry brushing on my face and that’s not a pleasant feeling. I’ve been able to find a happy medium with this gel and I can use this gel with both my Clarisonic and Forero Luna.



Alpha-H triple cleanser



It’s very easy to massage and you only need about a pump full and it’s perfect to use in your AM routine as well as your PM routine. I use this as my second cleanse, after doing the micellar cleanse. I don’t have make up to remove so I’m not sure how it would stand against actually removing your makeup. The back of the package says it’s okay to use to remove eye makeup.


Alpha-H triple cleanser


My final thoughts

I will have this product in my arsenal for the long run. Of course I’m so curious and love testings other products plus I have to test them for you, well atleast that’s what I tell my hubby. For the price of the amount of product in this bonus size makes it a super affordable, it’ll last you months.

I really do love this cleanser, so I give it a 5 outta 5. The only thing and that’s just me, it’s great to purchase in this huge size I do get a bit over it especially when I have so many other cleansers to try. So I’d say I’ll keep this use it for awhile, then put it away and try another cleanser then bring this one back into the mix. If you would only want to use this cleanser then I’d dare say it’ll last you around 6 months if using one pump full both morning and night.

Repurchase? Yes! I’ll especially keep in mind during the holiday sales.